Technical Details

Technical Details

Milling and cutting configurations include: cavities, countersinks, holes, rectangular openings and most other geometric shapes plus threads for inside diameters.

Our milling centers use a high speed 60,000 RPM. Spindle for a superb, clean cut. No tabs or tie-ins to the panel are needed for most parts.

Because we use unique German sourced software, customer incoming data can be in the following formats: PS + ESP; HPGL; DXF; Adobe Illustrator.

To protect your files, our Cam Expert website is encrypted and secure.

Milling and cutting configurations: Cavities, countersinks, holes, rectangular openings, most other geometric shapes and threads for inside diameters. Also we can engrave text for name plates and mill from HPGL files.

Customer Documentation: Files Format List files

Customers are responsible for the accuracy of their documentation. Cam Expert works directly from your supplied digital data.

For customers who only have paper drawings, there will be an added programming charge for conversion to digital data.

Threads; cavities; countersunk, holes, rectangular holes; any shape of rectangular holes; text; HPGL -Logos; HPGL-text; everything you can design on your CAD program. All files have to be sent in as: PS- + ESP-; HPGL-; DXF-; Adobe Illustrator-files. Please note that the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the technical drawing sent in. Please feel free to call us at 603-769-3191for more information.